Personal projects

Timelapse cinematography

Everyone loves timelapses… me too! When I travel around, or just when I have the time, I like to experiment shooting timelapses.

RGBD cinematography

Firsts tests with RGBD, an image acquisition technique and software solution from the people at RGBDtoolkit. Using xbox kinect sensor to capture depth and merge it with rgb from dslr video. This way, one can have all the depth data representation from the sensor and textures from the digital camera. It’s like having a 3d…

Short films

Short form films. From classic cinematography to experimental genres.

Old school animation vfx

Hand crafted vfx. In a recent promo-teaser for a friends of mine theatre play, I revisited the old school analog animation style for the main titles, made by reflecting a sheet of paper through a cheap distorted mirror paper. This technique, combined with further retouches in After Effects, is, at least, very fun. Chek out…


HDR photography and cinematography, also HDR spherical panoramas.


I always tried to experiment with video and sound. This piece is one of my earliest projects, “Spectrum v.1.x” (2001), and its about the electronic image and our relationship within. Do you remember the old cathodic tube? P.D: Don’t forget to put the volum at your highest level!

Nikon D750, slide it!

Testing the video mode on my D750. Fabulous still camera but also nice to have a good dslr video!

Daily renders

Starting a new collection of my daily 3d renders from C4D!